Chili’s Bar & Grill: The Anti-American Place

After waiting in our car for 15 minutes for a text from the restaurant saying our table was ready, our bare-faced family traipsed into the hostess station.  We were greeted–not sure if it was with a smile because everyone is masked–and led to our table.  We were given a plastic card with “specials” on it and told to use a code to view the full menu.  We asked to be able to view real menus instead.  As menus were brought to us while we are seated at a table, we were asked if we needed masks. 

“No,” my husband said.  “It that a problem?”

The man said that it was indeed a problem, and he was more than happy to get us masks unless we had exemptions.  At this point, the entire restaurant is now looking at us.  The man is relishing the attention because it is obvious he feels great pride in “confronting” bare-faced rebels to educate them about the governor’s mask mandate.  In fact, as we leave the restaurant (we CANNOT give our business to anti-American places), he brags about the governor’s mandate and how he is following it.

I must tell you.  One of the people I am with is hearing impaired.  He can hear within the box of speech but must be able to see your lips to fully process what you are saying.  When people wear masks, he has trouble communicating.

Is that anyone’s business? 


However, government mask mandates have made it so that now it is everyone’s business.  In order to communicate with my own loved one freely in public without having to tell him something five times before finally pulling down a mask to enable him to understand me, I must now broadcast to everyone within hearing distance that he has a disability, or I will be forced to wear a mask.  This is anti-American. 

Americans have spent so much time fighting for the rights of the disabled.  For what?  Do all the advances that have been made just go out the window?  Apparently. Everything that has been accomplished has been set back decades by the medical tyranny of governors that has become the “new normal” of today.  This is unconstitutional. This is anti-American. 

So Chili’s Grill & Bar at 9886 Old US-20, Rossford, Ohio, congratulations!  You are officially an anti-American restaurant who does not really care about your customers…at least not those with a disability!  What part of “no mask, don’t ask” don’t you understand?  Congratulations on the business you have lost because you were willing to either force us to acknowledge my son’s disability to a restaurant full of strangers or leave the premises.

Warning to Consumers:  If you go to Chili’s Grill & Bar in Rossford, Ohio, and you have a disability, you will be made to acknowledge it to a restaurant full of strangers or be discriminated against and asked to leave the building!