About the Author

Hello, everyone.  I have often dreamed of starting a blog, but always held myself back with the thought, “Who would want to read what I have to say?”  Then a friend encouraged me that it would be worth it.  So I took the step into the unknown.

I always joke that I am actually a professional juggler of sorts.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a college professor, a licensed mental health counselor, a psychologist, a writer, a researcher, a home school teacher, and most importantly a follower of Christ.  God has provided me with many opportunities and options in life.  For that I am humbly grateful!  I have been determined to walk through any door that He has opened, even when I did not fully understand the reasoning behind that open door.

Even though I have a PhD in Psychology, I still feel there is so much that I do not yet know.  I want to know the most about Who God is and what that means for who I should be.  So you will see a lot about that particular issue in my writing.

I love to learn, and I learn best through sharing the written word.  I know there will be things I say that make some people uncomfortable.  That’s okay.  Here I stand!  God did not call us to Himself to make us comfortable.  So I thank you for joining me in my learning process, and I pray that you receive benefit from the time that you spend with me.