To Know Christ More Deeply: Matthew 3-4

Welcome to Day 2 of my walk through the Gospels to become more deeply acquainted with Christ.  This time I read through Matthew 3 and 4.  This is what I discovered:

Jesus is…

  • The Lord
  • Mighty and able to baptize not only with water but the Holy Spirit and Fire
  • God’s beloved Son
  • Someone God is pleased with
  • Worthy of worship

Christ’s coming was planned, the answer to the wrath to come.  In obedience to God’s plan, Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness. 

Jesus will separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Jesus was able to be tempted and experience physical things like hunger.   However, he was able to resist temptation because He knew the Word of God.  He knew that we live by the words that come from the mouth of God. 

These are just a few things I noticed. Certainly, my observations are not comprehensive.  They are what I observe as I try to grow more in my relationship with Christ.  One thing I noticed was that, again, we are reminded that Jesus is worthy of worship, just like I observed in Chapters 1 and 2. 

I heard a televangelist the other day say that Christ came to make us have a good life.  I’m not certain she has read even just the first four chapters of Matthew if that’s why she thinks He came.  One thing is clear: Christ was the answer to the wrath of God that we all would face. I think we underestimate just how much wrath was coming our way but for Christ.

Much of what I am learning about Christ so far is about Him: his power, might, obedience to God’s plan, righteousness, and purpose.  So far, the book of Matthew has been all about God and His redemptive plan fulfilled through His beloved Son. In fact, even John the Baptist acknowledged that it was about Jesus and not about John.  To extrapolate that thought out a bit more, it’s about God, not about me.

Humanism is a worldview that focuses on man. I really think the church has been so influenced by humanism that people think that God and His plan revolves around them. This is dangerous thinking. If what God does revolves around me, then I am the glorified one.

That’s backward. Christ came for a purpose. He experienced life as a human for a reason. He came to fulfill all righteousness in obedience to God’s plan to save His children from the coming wrath. God is glorified whether I experience a “good life” or not!

Bottom line: because of all that Jesus is, He is worthy of worship. 

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