To Know Christ More Deeply: Matthew 1 – 2

My pastor challenged us to get to know Jesus, really get to know Him, not just know about Him.  He suggested we start in the Gospels. So I thought I would take some time to know Christ more deeply by getting more deeply acquainted with Who Scripture says He is.  Here is what I learned from Matthew 1 and 2: 

Jesus is…

The Son of David, the Son of Abraham

The Son of a virgin who conceived by the Holy Spirit

He was born in Bethlehem, his family fled to Egypt, and He was raised in Nazareth.

Jesus is…

Jeshua – the Lord is salvation

Immanuel – God with us

The King of the Jews

A Ruler

The Shepherd of Israel

Worth of Worship

God’s Son

I have always been drawn to His name “Immanuel”.  The truth of God being with us is so very powerful.  Jesus had a purpose for being here.  His genealogy and birth was planned very carefully and purposefully, and He came at just the right time.  Why?  Because God loves us.  He prepared His Son, Jesus, to be many things including king, ruler, shepherd, and salvation.  And what does all this mean to me?  Jesus is worthy of my worship.  And I haven’t even made it to Matthew 3 yet! 

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