Isolated Panic

Just over a year ago, the lockdowns around the world began.  Just over a year ago, fear became the new normal.  Just over a year ago, a state of isolated panic ensued.  Isolated panic is just about the worst kind of panic one can experience.  In isolated panic, there are no voices of reason to combat the irrational thoughts inside one’s head. 

The forced isolation was not an accident.  There is no better way to train people’s brains to live in fear than to keep people from communicating with one another.  When there are no dissenting voices to be heard, there is only compliance.  As we see now, the lockdowns were just the start of a progressive cycle of shutting off voices of reason.   

The only way to combat the narrative is to be a voice of reason.  Come out of your isolation and speak out.  Has what you fear would happen to you happened?  Are you still alive to read these words?  Has the devastation been as vast as they claimed it would be?  Was it worth not being around your family for a year to be in the exact same place living in the exact same fear of something that either never happened or happened and you survived it? 

Stop giving in to the fear.  Fear is a liar.  Fear is used to control you, and it has worked marvelously. 

Come out of your isolated panic and live.      

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