Masks: The Gateway

For those of you who think that it’s the considerate thing to do to wear a mask so you can protect other people’s health, I have a thought. 

I’m pretty stressed out most of the time because I have to work to support my family.  The CDC recommends that it is important to reduce stress to reduce the risk of serious physical and emotional problems.  In fact, I think my high blood pressure is related to my work stress, so if I continue on working, I might just have a heart attack, stroke, or even keel over dead.  So I think the best thing for me to do is to stop working.  However, in order for me to be able to do that, I need all these wonderful people who are willing to wear a mask out of consideration for the health of others, to take my health in this circumstance into consideration.  Therefore, I am asking that in consideration of my health—possibly even my life—that you forward a portion of your income to me.  Cash and checks are both acceptable.  After all, it’s the considerate thing to do!  Better yet, maybe the government should just mandate that those who work should send their money to those who can’t because it might be bad for their health and cause spikes in hospitalization or even deaths.  That way everyone is treated equally.  I mean, one size really does fit all, right?

Wait, you say?  That’s socialism?  Now you get why so many of us are concerned that mask mandates are the gateway to make socialism the new normal.  If they can get you to accept something small…social distancing; lockdowns to flatten the curve; wear a mask for four to six weeks to slow the spread; wear a mask while walking to your table in a restaurant but not while you’re at the table; wear a mask indefinitely because nothing is safe from the monster virus; here, take this questionable vaccination that did not go through lengthy testing processes for a virus that 99% of people survive; in order to socialize, you must have a vaccination card…then they know they got you hook, line, and sinker for the bigger things.   

Out of consideration for others, why don’t you not wear a mask to show them that you will not accept socialism?   They are watching to see how far you’ll go…with how much you will comply.  Now is the time to put the mask down before we lose everything!

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