The Power of a Smile

Today was a good day.  I found toilet paper at the store.  I got to help someone out when they dropped something and couldn’t bend down to pick it up.  I gave and received smiles, lots of smiles.  It was good to see people smile.

I don’t think we realize how important it is to be around other people, that is until you are told not to be around them.  It is not until you are told that other people are the enemy because they carry a “demon virus” (as per my governor) and then are forced to stay home that you understand what the world would be like without others.  It is not until you are stuck at home that you realize just how important a smile coming from another person, even a stranger, can be.

Smiling brings about a connection with others that is unspoken.  A downcast soul is uplifted when you smile at them and look them right in the eye.  The way someone’s face lifts and brightens when you share a smile with them is a true joy.  It makes you happy to see other people smile, and it seems to make them happy too.

This is one reason that all these face masks have been so devastating to our culture.  People’s smiles have been covered, masked by fear that they will either receive or pass on a deadly virus to others.  I get that some people need to wear them for protection.  I’m just saying that it takes so much away from the human condition for everyone to constantly be covered up in that manner.

We all take calculated risks each and every day when we step foot outside our homes.  We take a risk that we might be hit by a car, get in some kind of strange accident, be killed by a perpetrator of some kind of crime, or come down with some contagious illness of some sort.  For that matter, we take risks when we get out of bed in the morning.  We live in a fallen world, and death is part of that fallen world.  My friend, Jill, posted on social media today that you can’t control how and when you’ll die, but you sure can control how you live.

Sure, we could sit at home behind a screen all day watching other people live their lives.  We will eventually die inside, maybe not physically right away but emotionally for certain.  Without taking those calculated risks, we never get to live.  We never get to connect with others.  We never get to see others smile.  Never underestimate the power of a smile.

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