Lockdown Lessons

1. I can live without many products I once thought I could not live without, except toilet paper. I do need toilet paper.

2. I now understand what Bill Murray felt in his role in Groundhog’s Day. Scheduled activities help me remember what day it is.

3. I am less of an introvert than I thought I was.

4. Eating home more often is better for my digestion and my pocketbook. I didn’t realize the havoc eating out was having on my tummy and my budget!

5. Some people were hiding what they really believed. Nothing like a good panic to bring out the truth!

6. Freedom can be easily lost and not so easy to restore.

7. I am not really in control of my life like I thought I was.

8. Politicians seem to have a lot more control of my life than I thought they did which seems weird because I thought here in America, we the people ran things.

9. Trying to understand history and the nature of man is really, really important. I don’t want to buy in just because everyone else is drinking the Kool-Aid (I think perhaps I already knew this, but this lockdown just really emphasized it all the more to me).

10. People let you down. The world’s system lets you down. Therefore, the only source of true comfort during a crisis is God and trusting his Sovereignty.

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