Why are We so Afraid to Live?

So many people these days seem to be afraid to live.  They are told there is a corona-virus pandemic, so they panic, store up a bunch of food and supplied, and stay hold up in their homes.  There is a lion in the streets, so they turn in their bed, ignoring the world around them.  The big bad wolf is coming, so they hide in all sorts of structures hoping to keep him from eating them up.  The sky is falling, so everyone comes up with their own ideas about what everyone should do to protect themselves.  School gets canceled.  Sports get canceled.  Stores shut down.  Socialization and interaction decrease if not stop altogether.  People watch the world through little screens in the comfort of their own homes believing they are being protected from a scary virus not realizing what the real enemy is: fear.  People have become afraid to live.

The true irony is that people are afraid to live because they are afraid to die.  The fear is so strong that it cannot be overcome by rationality.  It is as if normally sane people have become mad.  People this afraid are very easy to control.

The real answers will not be found in the government dictating what we can and cannot do.  Government control will only intensify the fear.  Put the people in a panic, and they will do whatever you want them to.  There is a wealth of history that shows us what is the end result of this ideology!  (Do the words “Heil Hitler!” ring a bell?)

The real answer is found in understanding that there is a sovereign God who is in control of this world!  All things that happen fall under His direction and His will and are for His glory.

There are many false things in this world.  There are many versions of what is “true”.  What is real though is that Jesus Christ is God, and He is greater than anything that can happen in this world.  If you know God, you know the truth.  If you know God, you will not be pulled around by the nose rings by fearmongering, panic, and the general craziness of this world system.  If you know God, you will know truth and love and the balm of healing these provide in a time where unrest and panic abound.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love” (I John 4:18 English Standard Version).  Everyone is afraid because they do not know the source of true love.  They do not know the source of eternal life:  God.  Without knowing God, they will die in their trespasses and sins.

Why is everyone so afraid to live?  It is because they ultimately are afraid of the final punishment: death.

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