Into the Mind of a Teenager

Driving to baseball practice one day with  my youngest son, I became curious about what was going on inside his head.  He was very quiet and contemplative.  We had been going through a lot of turmoil due to some pretty severe health problems my husband was experiencing.  Naturally, I thought perhaps my son was thinking, perhaps even worrying, about his father.

“What cha’ thinking about?” I queried, glancing over at my son.

A brief pause ensued. Then in deepening voice came the reply, “Rocks.”

“Rocks!” I exclaimed.  “What are you thinking about rocks for?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I was just thinking about the different kinds of rocks there are,” came the reply.

(Yahoo!  Our geology studies in homeschooling are paying off!)

As I endeavored to take a look into the mind of my teenager, what I had assumed he was thinking about was not the case at all.  He was otherwise preoccupied.

You never know what is going on in a teenager’s mind.  That being said, it doesn’t mean you should not attempt to find out.  Teens need you to.  There could be a world of hurt going on in there that they are not letting anyone know about.  It is important for you to ask though.

You never know when you try to delve into the mind of a teenager what you might find.  You may get some deep, hurt filled information that you can help the teen with.  But then again, you could get nothing but rocks!  Take the time though.  It’s worth it!

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