Thank you Dell Tech Guy!

My computer crashed twice this week!  Talk about frustrating.  When you work online, the loss of a computer and all its data can be a very difficult pill to swallow.  Somehow, and I have to believe it was the peace of God He gives you that transcends all understanding, I made it through.

I have to give a shout out to the people at Dell.  One gentleman spent 5 hours on the phone and online with me…5 hours!  He was a trooper.  He kept thanking me for my patience, but I was most impressed with his.  He tried everything, and he never let his own frustrations be known.  Just when we thought we were going to have to reset everything to the way my computer came to me from the factory (which meant I would lose everything), he discovered a work around.   Because I am not completely tech savvy, I will not even begin to explain what he did.  All I know is that it seemed like he “rebuilt” everything without erasing any of my data…all from New Dehli!  It was pretty amazing to watch him do it too.  Who would imagine that someone you never met and probably never will could have such a big impact on your day.  I know he is paid to do it, but he kept telling me that Dell cared about me as a customer, and I believe him.

So I guess you could say this blog post is a little shout out to Dell for great customer service this week!  They stuck with me for what seemed like the longest phone call every, and the work they did really ended up being of very little inconvenience to me in terms of preserving my important data.   Thank you, Dell technical support!  You have been a great blessing!

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