Real Food

“If we suffer the good to grow weaker, the evil will surely gather strength and struggle desperately for the mastery over us; and so, mayhap, a painful desolation, and a lamentable disgrace may follow” (Charles Spurgeon).

Think upon those words.  How do believers grow weaker?  By not having a steadfast diet upon God’s Word.  God’s Word is our food.  God’s Word is our life’s breath.  Yet many of us rarely pick up Scripture to study it.  Many of us only occasionally pick up Scripture to communicate with God through it.

Sure, we read Christian books, listen to Christian music, and go faithfully to church each week.  However, how do we know that those books, that music, and yes, even that church is being faithful to God’s word?  It’s like being on a diet.  When you’re on a diet, you eat altered versions of real food so that you won’t get too much fat or too many calories.  The substitute is never quite as satisfying as the real thing which is why diets so often fail.

We need the real food.  We need the real, unaltered word of God to feed our souls.  We cannot live without it, or evil will surely overtake us.

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