Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food Review

I received a free sample of Nature’s Recipe wet dog food from Kroger in the mail yesterday.  Today, I gave it to my 3 year old Australian Labradoodle, Diggles.  She ate it up quickly and turned to look at me with her puppy dog eyes begging for more!

At first I thought it would be just like any other dog food, but it was not.  It was actual shredded chicken in a gravy with some vegetables.  It almost looked good enough for a human to eat!  I’m pretty sure I could have put it in a bowl and fed it to my family if they weren’t paying attention! 🙂  I felt good about giving it to Diggles because not only did it look like real food, but she loved it!

Kroger gave me a few coupons to purchase some more Nature’s Recipe, so you bet I will be heading out soon to pick up some more of their wet dog food to give my puppy a special treat!

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