Dead Hearts Come to Life!

Over a year ago, my husband underwent open heart surgery.  He had a heart murmur which was in need of repair.  It was a terrifying time.  The thing is, no matter how hard he tried, he could not make his heart better on his own.  He could not fix his own heart.  He needed professional intervention.  He needed someone who God had specially equipped with a talent for fixing hearts.

In a spiritual sense, our hearts are the same way.  Our hearts are dead in our transgressions and sin (Sherban, 2018).  We cannot fix our own hearts.  We can’t create our own righteous heart.  We require supernatural intervention.

Through Christ our dead hearts can be made alive.  Our dead hearts can be brought to life by God, the great Physician.  Our unrighteousness can be turned to righteousness.  We can be given a new nature, a new purpose, and a new hope!

My husband is back to normal and can do more things than he could do physically before he started having health problems.  He is more excited about life having come to close to death.  Through an excellent surgeon, God worked a miracle in my husband’s life.  As remarkable as that is, the miracle that God works in a dead, unrighteous heart is far greater with results that last through all eternity!




Sherban, A. (2018).  Beware of hypocritical righteousness.

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