What Can God Do for Me?

What can God do for me?  That is the question a lot of people ask these days.  They come to God like He is a genie in a bottle waiting to grant their every whim and wish.  God is a means to an end.  He is a way for them to get what they want when they want it.  And if God doesn’t deliver, then they get mad Him.  It actually sounds a bit like when my son was a 2 year old now that I’m thinking about it!

Jesus Himself said that whoever would come after Him must deny self (cf. Luke 9:23).  Many people are not willing to do this.  I know I struggle with denying myself.  We live in a self-indulgent, man-centered world.  We get instant gratification for the self we put out there on social media.  We want our 15 minutes of fame.  We want people to notice us, speak well of us, and to like us.

Don’t get me wrong: God created us for relationship.  However, the true relationship we crave is supposed to be in connection to Him and His will (cf. Revelation 4:11), not about us and our will.   We were created to give God glory.  As we grow in the knowledge of God so grows the praise and glory of God in our lives (cf. Philippians 1:9-11).    The more you grow to truly know God, the more you’ll bring glory to God.  The way to know God is to read and study God’s Word because that’s where He reveals who He really is.  As you see, it’s all about God!

So the question shouldn’t be: what can God do for me?  The question really should be: what have I done against a holy God?  God is holy, and I am a sinner.  I am separated from God because I cannot not deny myself.  I am separated from God because I am on the throne of my life.  I am the god that I worship.  I want what I want when I want it, and I will figure out a way to justify my actions.  I may even try to use the real God in the process.  How presumptuous of me!

Rather than coming to God demanding He gives us what we feel we need, we need to come to God in humility acknowledging our sinfulness, our unworthiness.  We deserve no good thing.  Our sinfulness is worth of death.  We need to come to God in faith that His son paid the penalty for our sins by suffering a horrific death on the cross and taking on the entire wrath of God as a payment, a final atonement, for our sins.  We need to come to God on His terms, not ours.  It will only be then that we can truly begin to know God and bring Him the glory due His name!

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