God is Who He Is

I’ve heard many people say of God, when they discover some trait they do not like about Him, “Well, that’s not my God.”  I have news for them:  God is Who He is no matter what we might make of Him.  We do not shape who God is.  He is Who He is from the beginning (cf. Revelation 1:8).  Who God is is not relative to us.

What kind of God would He be if He was limited by what we thought of Him?

I can understand why people want to put limits on God.  It makes things easier for them.  If God is more like you, you can feel better about who you are and what you do.  However, we are not little gods running around.  We were created in God’s image, not God created in ours.  I, for one, am thankful for that fact!  I’m a fallible, sinful human being who makes mistakes and hurts people and generally acts unloving even at my “best”.  Who would want a God that behaves the same way?

God is perfect.  I am not.

God is just.  I am not.

God is merciful.  I am not.

God is loving.  I am not.

God is sovereign.  I am not.

God is holy.   I am not.

God hates sin.  I do not as often as I should.

God punishes sin.  I cannot.

God redeems sinners.  I cannot.

You can’t have parts of who God is without the others.  To take away all of who God is would be to recreate God in man’s own image.  God is and has always been Who He is, and I personally would not want it any other way!

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