What Are You Building On?

My children and I are working through The Foundations featuring Ken Ham through Answers in Genesis.  Wonderful so far!  I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in just really learning more about Creation and truth.

One thing discussed today was how even the church has been infiltrated with the human idea of millions of years.  Pastors and theologians have felt the need to superimpose evolution into the Biblical account of Creation to accommodate human ideology.  This accommodation has led to the breakdown of truth in Christian circles.

Martin Luther even had to deal with this way back in the 16th Century.  Back then, however, people weren’t trying to put millions of years into Scripture.  Instead, they were saying God created everything all in one day, completely ignoring the Biblical account of Scripture.  It was the common belief system at the time much like millions of years is the common belief system of our time.

This was Luther’s (as cited in Plass, 1991) response:

“The Days of Creation were ordinary days in length. We must understand that these days were actual days (veros dies), contrary to the opinion of the Holy Fathers. Whenever we observe that the opinions of the Fathers disagree with Scripture, we reverently bear with them and acknowledge them to be our elders. Nevertheless, we do not depart from the authority of Scripture for their sake.” (p. 1523)

“We do not depart from the authority of Scripture for their sake.”  This is an extremely important point to ponder.  Scripture is the foundation for what Christians believe, yet many who profess the name of Christ put man’s authority above God’s Word.

Man’s word is constantly changing.  Just yesterday, we were discussing with someone at church how eggs used to be bad for you and now they aren’t.  I’ve heard many other examples.  Let your baby cry it out; don’t let them cry it out.  Take vitamins; don’t take vitamins.  I’m sure if I sat here long enough, I could come up with many more contradictions from the world of “science”.   The point is that man’s word constantly changes.  There are very few for sure things in science. In fact, nothing can truly be “proven” in science. There is always the possibility of a new discovery that totally blows up previous research and findings on any given topic.  Scientific discovery is tentative at best only providing a possible explanation for something at any given time.

God’s Word is unchanging.  God’s Word is the only sure foundation.  This is why Luther’s statement about not departing from the authority of Scripture is so important.  To depart from the authority of Scripture at the bidding of man, any man, is to build your house upon the sand (cf. Matthew 7:24-27)…and we all know what happens there!

So what are you going to build on:  God’s Word or man’s word?





Plass, E. M.  (1991). What Martin Luther says: A practical in-home anthology for the active Christian.  St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House.


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